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Be true to who you are

Be true to who you are.. There is no need for mask in a dark world.There is only one you. You were created with a specific DNA. There are no carbon copies of you. You don’t have to be dimmed under someone else “spot light”. Living in a world that has a distorted view of beauty, success, health, and wealth, at times put demands on people that struggle with their identity.

Just to show you, how unique you are;ask 10 people what beauty, success, health, and wealth “looks” like or their definition.  Most likely you will get 10 different answers. The answers will be different because we have different interest, likes, visions,goals and desires. Don’t let other people perception, change your perspective. We have to appreciate and embrace who were are. Embrace the good, the bad, and the unique. There is so much we can learn from ourselves, if we remain true to who we are. We don’t have to conform to the demands of society and media that they places on us.

Give yourself permission to be YOU!!!!!

It Looks Clean, from the Outside


How clean is this cup and dish? As I was reading my Bible (NIV) this morning, I had a revelation. In Matthew 23:25-26,it talks about the cup and dish. “you clean the outside of the cup and dish but inside they are full of greed and self indulgence. Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish and then the outside also will be clean. “

I reread it three times. It’s just like our lives. We are the cup and dish. We spend so much time cleaning up our appearance and neglect the internal work. The cleaning of bitterness, jealousy, anger, forgiveness, resentment, hatred, greed, etc. Even though, we have a clean polished look on the outside, the grim and grime is inside.

Okay, let’s imagine pouring a beverage in a cup. As we clean the cup, we spend more time cleaning the outside of the cup, than the inside. The inside of the cup is where the beverage was placed. Even if we placed the cup and dish in the dishwasher, the cup is faced down and the inside of the cup is not thoroughly being cleaned.

First, clean the inside of ourselves and the outside will be clean. Just like a cup, if we clean the outside first , when it’s time to use the cup we notice it’s not as clean as we thought . We’ll have to go back and clean inside, which should have been done the first time.

Cleansing the temple is a daily process. The following are a some suggestions on “cleaning your cup” from the inside out:
1. Seek Kingdom for cleaning, confess that you are harboring things that have stained your life

2. If you have stained someone’s life, your cup is just as stained as theirs. Take your “rag “and go clean the stains you left in someone’s cup,then clean your own.

3. Make a list of  at least 7 things that’s staining your life

4. Of the things you listed above, how can you remove it out of your life

5. Execute and activate a lifetime of dishwashing.

We are no different from the dishes in our sink. We need daily cleansing. We need water(the Word of God) which is a consistent flow, detergent(Jesus Christ) who remove the stains and  a towel(presence of the Holy Spirit) to wrap around you to protect you from being stained again.

Love Each Child Individually

‚ÄčEach child has their own personality and individuality . Allow them the opportunity to be themselves. God has designed a plan for them and it may not  look like your expectations. We can teach them morals,  values, beliefs, religion, spirituality, worldly traditions and the stereotypes of society, because that’s  what we were taught. When children reach a certain age,  they have their own lives to live.  They must have expectations for themselves.  Pressure from parents to be “perfect” can damage a child on so many levels as they become adults. If we recall our childhood,  teenage years or adult life we are not perfect. As unmarried mothers,  we must do all we can to make sure we instill life principles in them.  If they stray,  God is still in control and they will find their way back. Love them were they are, but never turn your back on them.

Men and the After Dark Syndrome

Men and the After Dark Syndrome 

The Male After Dark Syndrome(according to me) is when a man only wants to visit you or take you to dinner after dark. The conversation usually goes like this:

Man:Let’s go to a movie

Woman:Sure, what time
Man:First dark

Man:Let’s grab a bite to eat
Woman:Ok, when
Man:First dark

Man:Would you like to come over?
Woman:Yes, when
Man:First, dark

Okay, now I know you see the pattern. After recent conversations with my girlfriends. They all mention they were asked out on dates, but they were at night.

My advice was, if they can’t see you in daylight, the don’t need to see you in the twilight.
My thoughts were “why do some men always want to schedule dates at night.”
There’s only one or two reasons.
1.He’s dating someone else or married.
2. He wants your goodies.

Well let me back up maybe it’s because of his work schedule. A gentleman will schedule dates at decent hours that will not conflict or compromise a single mother’s belief or babysitting issues.

Ladies the way you start the relationship, is the same way you must demand that same respect throughout the course of the courtship. Men try women by their conversation.For some men they try to see how vurnerable or desperate women are for companionship.
Women don’t fall prey to the trap and men don’t set a trap.
Be Purposely Redefined